Our Story

TechOf was born in 2022 by a team of professionals in management, marketing and IT, with more than 30 years of experience in educational management.

Identifying a gap in training in the area of new technologies, along with a great difficulty by companies, in recruiting in this area and other derivatives, we allied ourselves to a unique teaching methodology, imported from the start-up nation, Israel.

Trust Us, It Works

We’ve trained over 50,000 tech professionals over the past two decades in various countries
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Tech Training Center

TechOf Training Center is a licensed Wawiwa Tech Centre, implementing the best practices and know-how that was accumulated in Israel, the Startup Nation, for reskilling people to become productive professionals in the global tech sector.

Wawiwa was established by an elite group of professionals, who share an abundance of tech-related reskilling and training experience and expertise. The training methods at our center are based on Wawiwa’s proprietary JET Design™ methodology, an effective way for training individuals with no prior tech knowledge to tech jobs.

TechOf and Wawiwa’s vision is to bridge the tech skills gap by reskilling people for tech professions in high demand.

Our Advisory Committee

Our Advisory Committee includes diverse companies from technology sector, enterprises and startups. The committee advises our centre on the industry needs for specific tech talent and skills and takes an active role in curriculum development and graduate placement. ​

Our Team, Trainers & Mentors

All of the trainers in our center are tech professionals with hands-on experience in the job roles they’re training our students for. Our trainers were hand-picked for their teaching talent and mentorship skills, and were trained themselves in the Wawiwa Tech Training JET Design™ methodology for Job-Effective Training.

Nuno Pestana

Data Analyst and Developer
Head of Training

He has degree in computer science and engineering, a degree in Industrial Electronics and a degree in Management and Systems Information.

He is experienced most of the Tech areas, from coding, circuits boards, networks and IT management. Very long careerer also teaching, from universities to vocational schools. He will be in charge of training quality.

Currently he is Coordinator of the TGEI Professional Course, ICT Trainer and Teacher.

Also IS/IT and Enterprise Architect Consultant/Project Manager

Ivo Valente

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Being passionate about Technology, in a career over 20 years. Having several years of experience in overcoming highly challenging problems by applying critical appraisal and innovation, what drives him is that keenness of his mind is drawn to encounter new challenges.
He is passionate about Microsoft technologies in spite having flair for several opensource paradigms and programming languages.

Currently he is engaged with multiple missions that address problems of large corporates in Netherlands. He is blending several technologies like Blockchain and smart contracts, IoT and Machine learning to produce scalable solutions against critical problems of information security, audit trail, pension funds, tax fraud prevention etc.

Nuno Marques

Full-Stack Developer

Having accomplished degree in computer science and engineering, he took up Masters in IoT in 2019. It was in the beginning of second year study his  started his career as a software developer by engaging himself in a few small-scale projects as a freelancer.

He was later invited to provide training in an international project meant to encourage kids to follow a career in computer development, entitled as Happy Code.

He was also invited to teach full time at the university as Assistant Professor. Since then, he has been working as teacher as well as Fullstack software developer being a part of Six-factors Nearshoring team, earned experience in the both form (Web Frontend and Backend) of software development with fast-adaptation ability for ERP application maintenance as well as large idea management for automotive industry.