Cybersecurity Analyst

Upcoming course: ~2023 | 350 Hours | 8 Months | Evening course

Your best path to advancing your IT career to cyber roles in high-demand. This part-time cybersecurity program features expert instruction, hands-on projects, and live labs to get you trained in handling current attack vectors.

Studies suggest a huge shortage in Cybersecurity Analysts and a constant increase in demand for this profession. According to Deloitte, “A massive and growing talent shortfall is one of the most critical challenges facing the cybersecurity world today. In fact, nowhere in IT is the talent shortage more pronounced than in the cyber arena.

Cyber attacks are on the rise everywhere you look, making cybersecurity one of the hottest professions in technology. The highly lucrative role of a Cybersecurity Analyst puts up a fight against hackers looking to penetrate an organization’s network for malicious purposes.

Serve as The Forefront of Organizations' Defense

Learn to identify attacks at their earliest stages and prevent significant damage to the organization’s network. You will develop knowledge of cybersecurity tools, emerging threats, typical vulnerabilities, and hacking patterns.

Learn from Industry Experts

Equip yourself to succeed in a rapidly expanding field with help from our network of cyber experts, instructors, hiring partners, and alumni. The Cybersecurity Analyst curriculum was created in collaboration with the industry’s leading companies to make our programs as relevant as possible to the local industry’s needs, assuring you’ll be job-ready as soon as the program ends.

Deliver a Professional Project

We believe that the best learning is done through hands-on work. Accordingly, the entire program is run as an ongoing lab during which students are required to install attack and defense environments, set up and build cybersecurity tools, and experience scenarios simulating real-world events. 

As the program covers diverse multidisciplinary knowledge and skills, the program’s final BIT (Bring It Together) Project will be devoted to conducting an integrative lab scenario that will require students to demonstrate knowledge, skills, and capabilities from all of the disciplines they have learned.

Who Is the Program For?

Driven and motivated individuals, with or without previous IT background, who wish to advance their career as a Cybersecurity Analyst or a Security Operations Center (SOC) team member.

Real-World Simulations in Cyber Labs

  • Advanced cyber labs for educating the next generation of cyber professionals.
  • Allows trainers to demonstrate and let students experience real-life scenariosStudents can experiment with potential responses in real-time.
  • Student dashboards and detailed reports provide complete analysis of learning and performance, which will help students learn from their failures and successes on an individual and team level.

Top Notch Professionals

This unique program was built by a professional team made up of the leading experts in Cyber Security, with vast knowledge and experience in training, too.

Eran Lasser

CEO of Wawiwa

Eran is a tech education entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. Eran founded and managed four IT training companies: John Bryce Training (Israel), TRIG (China), JB-IQsoft (Hungary), KocBryce (Turkey). Eran also partnered to establish  DAN IT Education (Ukraine), Techub (Georgia), and more. In addition, Eran managed Mentergy, which provides e-learning and distance learning solutions. Over the years, he was responsible for the reskilling of more than 50,000 individuals now working as tech professionals.

Daniel Anderson

Chief Training Officer

Daniel is responsible for updating state-of-the-art topics in the company’s tech training programs, and for maintaining its training methodologies. Daniel was the Chief Trainer at the Israel Defense Force’s Tech Training Center and is a graduate of the IDF training process. He develops and delivers a wide range of programming courses, and is a Full-Stack Developer and Data Scientist.

Nadav Nachmias

Head of Cybersecurity Programs

Nadav (CISSP, MBA, Adv.) is a Cybersecurity specialist with over 15 years of experience, focusing on Cybersecurity strategies, architecture and workforce empowerment. His practical experience made it intuitive for him to develop diverse training programs and materials in several Cybersecurity fields (including Cybersecurity Management, Incident Handling and Response and Cyber Forensics).

Our Graduates Have Been Hired By the Best

Program Curriculum

  • Microsoft Operating Systems
  • Communications and networks
  • Microsoft Servers
  • Linux Fundamentals
  • Phase 1 – Test
  • Firewalls
  • Power Shell
  • Information security technologies
  • Phase 2 – Test
  • Introduction to data security and cyber security
  • Security Operation Center Functions (SOC)
  • Event Handling Methodologies (IR)
  • Cyber Simulations
  • Response to cyber events
  • Introduction to the world of attack
  • Malware analysis
  • Digital Forensics
  • Intelligence gathering in the cyber world
  • Event Management Systems (SIEM)
  • Cyber Challenge – CTF Platform
  • Automation Systems and Orchestration – SOAR
  • Final Brint It Together (BIT) Project


The highly lucrative role of a Cybersecurity Analyst puts up a fight against hackers looking to penetrate an organization’s network for malicious purposes. The Security Operations Center (SOC) team does the important work of monitoring and combating threats to an organization’s IT infrastructure while assessing vulnerabilities and taking proactive action for security. They are skilled at working with the Linux environment and managing network system security and network infrastructures.

Yes! All graduates who have successfully completed the program will receive a Cybersecurity Analyst certificate.

Thousands of alumni use their course certificate to demonstrate skills to potential employers, along with their LinkedIn networks. Our cyber programs are well-regarded by many top employers, who contribute to our curriculum and partner with us to train their own teams.

If there are no restrictions, studies take place mainly at our physical center. In case of any travel or gathering restrictions, the program moves seamlessly online – with live interactive sessions with your trainers. Some learning materials – like class recordings and topics for self-study – can be watched on-demand from anywhere. 

Register your interest, take a 1-hour online assessment test, and have a talk with one of our career advisors.

This is an entry-level program for beginners and career changes, no background needed. However, all candidates take a computerized assessment to ensure that they have the right personality, as well as the basic math and logic skills, to complete the program and be successful in their future jobs.

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